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  • AVA Webinars 2014 – Chronic Cough & PVFD

    AVA Webinars 2014 – Chronic Cough & PVFD

      The AVA is proud to have organised a 3 part series of webinars during 2014 Clinical Management of Chronic Cough and Paradoxical Vocal Fold Movement: A Multidisciplinary Approach This professional Development Event took place over three months August – Dr Anne Vertigan, PhD Speech Pathologist, John Hunter Hospital September more »

  • AVA Awards 2014

    AVA Awards 2014

    NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN for the AVA AWARDS 2014 To be eligible or to make a nomination, you need to be an AVA member. You can nominate any AVA member for one or both of the following: Outstanding service to the AVA Outstanding contribution to the field of voice. Simple! We more »

  • Membership Renewals for 2015 Now Open!

    Membership Renewals for 2015 Now Open!

    The AVA invites current members to renew their memberships and encourages new members to Join the AVA Access to the members only area expires 365 days after payment. We implemented an online payments system in 2014 allowing easy and instant registration renewal via Paypal which has been a great success. more »


About the AVA

The Australian Voice Association is Australia’s leading multidisciplinary association for Voice.

The AVA began in 1991. It is an umbrella organisation for all involved in the care of the human voice including speech pathologists, singing teachers and voice teachers, ENT surgeons, voice scientists and other professionals and amateur voice users.


Serving you, representing you

Through meetings, professional development events, publications, lobbying and representation, the AVA aims to provide services to its members in a variety of ways;

  • - To act as a central point of focus for many disciplines involved in voice and promote the field of voice in Australia;
  • - To encourage links between artistic, clinical and scientific disciplines related to voice;
  • - To promote education and training in the clinical care of voice, as well as vocal performance and voice science;
  • - To promote research into voice.

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