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  • Use your voice well!  Learn to optimize healthy voice  production.  If you do a lot of talking  or singing, learn to produce voice well - without strain or damage.
  • Keep your voice hydrated! Adequate  hydration is very important for healthy voice and vocal folds.  Drink at least 2 – 3 litres of water per day. Steaming helps vocal wellness.
  • Warm up your voice! (As you  would the rest of your body) if you’re going to embark on prolonged talking or  singing - e.g. Teacher, Minister of Religion or Call Centre Operator.
  • Be wary talking or singing above background  noise!  This can strain your voice so you need to recognize and avoid high voice risk situations.
  • Don’t smoke and avoid smoky environments!
  • Don’t repeatedly clear your throat and avoid coughing excessively! These activities damage your voice.
  • Consider using amplification (microphone or megaphone) where loud voice is necessary.
  • Certain medications and drinks can dehydrate your voice. These include antihistamines, cold and flu medications,  coffee and alcohol. Take these into account when talking or singing.
  • Don’t scream or shout! Using loud voice without damage requires special skills. If you have to use loud voice, get specialist training from a Voice Teacher or Speech Pathologist.
  • Especially look after your voice during  allergies and upper respiratory tract infections!  Your voice is more  susceptible to damage at these times.

Remember  it’s important to seek evaluation and advice from an Ear, Nose and Throat  Specialist if your voice is hoarse or  husky for more than a few weeks, particularly if you smoke or don’t have cold  symptoms.

Australian Voice Association             

About the AVA

The AVA began in 1991. It is an umbrella organisation for all involved in the care of the human voice including speech pathologists, singing teachers and voice teachers, ENT surgeons, voice scientists and other professionals and amateur voice users.

Serving you, representing you

Through meetings, professional development events, publications, lobbying and representation, the AVA aims to provide services to its members in a variety of ways;

  • - To act as a central point of focus for many disciplines involved in voice and promote the field of voice in Australia;
  • - To encourage links between artistic, clinical and scientific disciplines related to voice;
  • - To promote education and training in the clinical care of voice, as well as vocal performance and voice science;
  • - To promote research into voice.

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