Explore World Voice Day 2016 Singing Tips by AVA Member Dr Daniel Robinson

What is World Voice Day?

World Voice Day is an initiative to increase public awareness of the  value and importance of human voice and alert individuals as to how to look after this extremely valuable commodity and prevent injury and damage.

Why a World Voice Day?

Voice is a primary tool for human communication.

As well as ordinary  individuals, occupations of millions of people depend on the use of voice.  Some of these include professional voice  users such as Teachers, Singers, Actors, Ministers of Religion and Salespeople:  others are those who talk on the phone or need their voice to communicate in  their job.

When is World Voice Day?

Every year, on April 16.

How did World Voice Day evolve?

World Voice Day started in 1999 as a National Voice Day in Brazil.  This National Voice Day was a reaction to a disturbingly  large occurrence of laryngeal cancer in Brazil. The initiative quickly  spread internationally.

A Brief History of World Voice Day (PDF - 73KB)

For more information see www.world-voice-day.org

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